Fostering Inclusion, Equity, and Latitudinal Diversity (FIELD) is the result of a postdoc-led project funded by the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior, and the Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour at the University of Konstanz, Germany.

The project aims to create a space for people to share stories detailing the many intersectional ways identity can be recontextualized while being a biologist in the field. Our hope is that readers will find validation in familiar stories, illumination in unfamiliar stories, and confidence that awareness and accommodation can make field biology enriching for all.

This collection of experiences and perspectives is a first pass, but we are seeking additional funding to include additional stories and other communication mediums. If you have a suggested topic or resource for the next funded phase, please use the contact us button below. Contributors are paid an honorarium to compensate them for their time and work, but are unconstrained as to the content or style of their contribution.