Applying inclusive practices to safeguard researchers

Amelia-Juliette Demery & Monique Pipkin

" Academic culture often fails to acknowledge the diverse and intersectional identities of the researchers ... by failing to acknowledge the diversity of identities, we fail to acknowledge the differences in experience and provide the support for marginalized identities within a space that was not historically designed with inclusivity as a value. "

Disabled in the field: navigating nature as a disabled biologist

Dr Kelsey Byers

" The most important elements are trust and listening. Trust that the person with the health conditions or disabilities knows their body and brain best. Trust that they know their limits, even if those limits are “soft” and not “hard” ones, even if they change day by day ... and listen. "

The role of field research in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in biology

Dr Roxanne Beltran

" There are many barriers to taking field courses that we ... might not recognize if they don’t apply to us. ... To create a field course in a way that makes it possible for students of all backgrounds to take means identifying and removing these barriers. "

Advantages of cross fertilization between international researchers

Dr Dolors Armenteras

" The problem becomes not only that often the research is not based on the needs on the ground, but that when these well-equipped researchers go to these sites and leave without investing in human capacity "