Dr Christine Wilkinson

Conservation biologist & wildlife ecologist at the University of California, Berkeley, USA.

" Generally, consistently being in (academic/scientific/etc.) spaces full of cis (usually white) men, as a Black, female-leaning gender-androgynous person has been quite an adventure. "

Carlo Vreden

PhD student at Durham University, England.

" While being forcibly closeted in the field will never be risk-free, there are still measures put in place to keep me, but also other researchers on the project, safe. "

Sharmi Sen

PhD Candidate in Anthropology, University of Michigan, USA.

" a majority of advertised positions ... are volunteer positions that ask researchers to pay their way ... I found that such an exclusive system provides opportunities only for the privileged. "

Sebastian Ramirez Amaya

PhD candidate in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University, USA.

" Taking some time to think and reflect, and analyzing the bigger picture rather than speaking your mind in the moment have been key to overcoming these challenges. "

Dr Himani Nautiyal

Researcher, National Institute of Advanced Studies, India.

" Our identity in the field is molded by our surrounding environment, the local people, forests, and wildlife. "

Kayla Kolff

PhD Student, University of Osnabrück, Germany.

" To go into the field open-minded with little expectations and to try enjoy the experience to the fullest despite the hardships one may encounter. "

Dr Kirsty Graham

Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

" ...coming out is something that LGBTQIA+ people are perpetually doing or not doing, making that decision in each new context we encounter. "

Dr Kaitlyn Gaynor

Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada.

" Navigating relationships and community-building while conducting fieldwork has forced me to reckon with complex issues of privilege, positionality, and power as a queer white woman. "

James Bukie

PhD Student, Department of Forestry & Wildlife Resources Management University of Calabar, Nigeria.

" My objective is to better understand the ecology of these endangered primates by focusing on their roles as hosts for the many parasite species that infect them. "